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Zani About You Pet Bandana

Zani About You Pet Bandana

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Fetch our exclusive "Zani About You" Pet Bandana. This one-of-a-kind accessory, meticulously designed to support sweet Zani. Join us in supporting Zani's quest for a furever home... in style.

Crafted from soft, breathable fabric, this top-rated bandana is tailored for both dogs and cats, ensuring comfort and flair. 

💕 Exclusive Design: The "Zani About You" pattern is a heart-stealing mix of Zani's cuteness, elegant Zania flowers, and loving hearts, ensuring your pet is the center of everyone's affection.

🌟 "Small Batch, Big Wags": Embrace the exclusivity with our limited-edition, small-batch production, guaranteeing your pet a unique and stylish look while supporting a great cause.

Choose between two convenient collar types for a seamless fit:

  • Slip On: Effortlessly slides onto collars, allowing for easy opening and perfect placement around your pet's neck.
  • Snap On: Fitted with snaps, ideal for martingale collars or harnesses.

Size Guide:

  • XS: Best for cats or teacup dogs >10lbs ~ 2.5in x 2.5in
  • S: Ideal for most puppies or small dogs 10-40ish lbs ~ 4in x 4 in
  • M: Suitable for medium-sized dogs 40-60ish lbs~ 6in x 6in
  • L: Perfect for large dogs 60-80 lbs~ 8in x 8in
  • XL: Tailored for extra-large dogs 60+ lbs, including extra floofy or fluffy friends.~ 10in x 10in 

    *Zani is pictured wearing one of our Larges!
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