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Taco Bout A Pawty - Slip on and Snap-able Pet Bandanas

Taco Bout A Pawty - Slip on and Snap-able Pet Bandanas

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Taco 'bout a Pawty Collection: The Ultimate Pet Accessories for a Pawsome Fiesta! 🌮🐾

What options are available in this Must-Have Pet Accessories Set?

- Each is available in two collar types:

Slip On - these are sew together to slip collars that can open up through and place back on your dog, or cat's, neck.
Snap On - These have snaps to open and snap on bandana for martingale collars or harnesses

All bandanas fit on a collar or harness so can easily fit many sized dogs its more how big you want it to look on your dog!

  • XS: Best for cats or teacup dogs >10lbs ~ 2.5in x 2.5in
  • S: Ideal for most puppies or small dogs 10-40ish lbs ~ 4in x 4 in
  • M: Suitable for medium-sized dogs 40-60ish lbs~ 6in x 6in
  • L: Perfect for large dogs 60-80 lbs~ 8in x 8in
  • XL: Tailored for extra-large dogs 60+ lbs, including extra floofy or fluffy friends.~ 10in x 10in 

*Girly, our cover girl, is wearing is pictured above in a medium. She is about 65lbs and can wear a medium or large and look fabulous in both.
Bela, her bigger sister with her, the one sitting up in their twin photo, is wearing her large. She is about 75lbs and can also wear a medium and looks great in both.

Why You'll Love these Premium Pet Accessories

  • 🌮 Fashion-Forward Design: Each item in this unique pet accessory set features a trendy, pawty-inspired print that will capture everyone’s attention. No Joanns featured fabric here!

  • 🌿 Eco-Friendly Pet Products: Made with sustainable materials, printed locally in texas, showing our commitment to pet comfort and environmental responsibility.

  • 🎉 Mix and Match Versatility: These pet accessories are perfect on their own but even better together.

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