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Ready Freddie Organic Bamboo Ankle Socks (Limited, Kids and Adult Sizes)

Ready Freddie Organic Bamboo Ankle Socks (Limited, Kids and Adult Sizes)

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Freddie's Story: 

We know you’re probably wondering, “Who’s Freddie?” Freddie the dog loved generously and didn’t let the world—or her missing canines—get her down. Angela Adan rescued Freddie in December 2018 and devoted her entire life to caring for this underdog. Freddie inspired everyone she met by giving them permission to be themselves. Despite her tough past, she lived each day with spunk and joy. She’ll be missed, but her memory shines on through Angela’s selfless work and these special socks. 

To honor Freddie, Angela encourages humans to spread her story and lots of love. Currently, Angela lives with several other pups who rely on her for just about everything. Some of them are paralyzed and use wheelchairs to get around; others are seniors, and some have no teeth or lower jaw (like Freddie). All require special care and attention!

That’s why 20% of all purchases go directly to Angela’s mission of supporting dogs in need. From medical care to shelter, the funds will ensure Freddie’s legacy continues making the world a brighter, kinder place for all inhabitants to coexist.

Sm/Medium = Women's 6-9.5 Men's 7.5-9

Medium/Large = Women's 8-11 Men's 9.5-11.5


Shoe Size: 4-7

Shoe Size: 7-9

Ankle length makes socks ideal for any shoe (crew, who?)

Select your size range for the best fit

Made from FSC-certified bamboo fabric (aka: renewable, natural fibers that preserve the environment!)

So breathable, so beautiful. Keep your feet cool and dry while preventing sweat and odor. 

Each pair reduces your carbon footprint

Our socks are proudly made in the USA

Designs are hand-drawn and printed with love

90% bamboo, 5% polyamide, 5% elastane for a sustainable and comfortable combo


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