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Custom Pet Portrait - Step 1: Digital Design

Custom Pet Portrait - Step 1: Digital Design

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Let's we turn your beloved pet into a one-of-a-kind artwork. Hand drawn by a real artists, no AI here, to ensure a personal touch in every portrait. Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Choose Your Pet's Fur Type and Coloring

Start by selecting your pet's fur type, and then choose the coloring style:

Fur Type: Is your pet's fur short or is it long or curly?

Coloring Style: Next, choose from these options:

    • Basic Coloring: Ideal for pets with simple colors, solid markings or fur colors
    • Complex Coloring: Perfect for pets with more than three colors and intricate patterns.

    Step 2: Gather Your Pet's Photos

    Help us capture your pet's essence with clear, well-lit photos. You don't need to have the exact pose in mind, just ensure good lighting and clarity. Email your pet's photos to, along with your order number and a description of how you want the photo to be drawn if an exact photo of the pose is not included.

    Step 3: The Artistic Process

    Let me work my magic, crafting a beautiful pet portrait. The creation process takes around four to six weeks depending on current demand and order queue. We'll keep you updated via email with your image and an estimated completion date.

    Step 4: Enhance Your Portrait (Optional)

    You can take your customization to the next level, making your pet's portrait uniquely yours. Elevate your pet's portrait by adding extra elements such as accessories, scarves, collars, bandanas, backgrounds, toys or back grounds. You can even pick the design that adorns these items, ensuring your portrait reflects your pet's personality to the fullest.

    Step 5: What You Get

    With your purchase, you'll receive:

    • One opportunity for pre-sketch approval and adjustments.
    • One redesign for minor changes before the final
    • A final digital image of your pet's portrait.

    Step 6: Printing Your Portrait (Optional)

    After you've received your digital design, you can explore various print options, including shirts, mugs, canvas prints and framed artwork and more!

    Start Today!

    Celebrate your pet's uniqueness with a custom portrait from Pet Obsessed People. If you have any questions or need help, reach out to us. We're here to make your pet portrait purchase easy and enjoyable.

    Turn your pet into art that you'll cherish forever with Pet Obsessed People.

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