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Austin Pet's Alive Adopted Girly Sticker Series

Austin Pet's Alive Adopted Girly Sticker Series

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Help Raise Funds for Girly Girl's Echocardiogram!
Prepare to meet Girly Girl, the epitome of side eye and goofiness, and she's got a heart that's as big as can be—figuratively, and unfortunately, possibly physically too.
That's where Austin Pet's Alive comes in. They are tirelessly working to raise funds for Girly's much-needed echocardiogram, ensuring she receives the care and attention her big heart deserves.

Now, you can be a part of Girly's heartwarming journey. Every purchase of the Adopted Girly Girl Fundraiser Sticker contributes directly to her fundraiser. Full Price of each sticker goes directly toward her echocardiogram. Let's join forces and show our support for this goofy sweetheart with a big heart.

Order your sticker today and help us spread love, and raise funds one heartfelt sticker at a time!

Sticker is roughly 2.5 x 2.5in

Available with and without vinyl covering.

Printed on recycled paper with an eco-friendly and energy efficient printer powered by solar energy.


Vinyl Options: Our vinyl stickers are the perfect choice for those looking to decorate their trusty water bottles. While we understand that vinyl may not be the most eco-friendly option, we believe in finding a balance between sustainability and practicality. By using vinyl stickers, you can avoid the hassle of replacing ruined stickers week after week. Rest assured, we are actively working on growing and discovering better solutions to minimize our environmental impact. We may not be perfect, but we're constantly striving for improvement.

**Recycled Material = non-vinyl cover and excels on items that don't require constant contact with water.

**Please note that our recycled options are temporarily on hold as we're dedicated to developing a new and improved version that is both eco-friendly and waterproof.

We understand the importance of making conscious choices for a better future. Stay tuned for our upcoming eco-friendly and waterproof stickers, as we continue to innovate and provide you with sustainable options without compromising on quality or style.

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