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Story Behind The Design - Dogs N Donuts

The Dogs N Donut design was based after my first rescue dog Vanity. Vanity was rescued by The Sato Project on a beach in Puerto Rico, infamously known as Dead Dog Beach, due to the notorious number of abandoned and abused dogs that have been left there. She was about to give birth, had a burn on her face, distemper, and heartworm. Fortunately, she recovered from her diseases and burns, but unfortunately, she was still passed over by adopters for almost two years solely due to her breed - she was a Pitbull mix. Despite all the hardships she had faced, she was still a sweet, loving, and loyal dog who deserved a home.

An innocent trip to Puerto Rico with friends changed my life. Angela Adan and I were on vacation in Puerto Rico with a friend, and Angela knew of The Sato Project. In true Angela fashion, she asked if we wanted to go volunteer for the day. Of course, we agreed. I had joked about not coming home with a dog, but once we heard the story of a pup named Vanity and met her, we were all smitten. It was love at first pet! I started making arrangements right away to move out of my non-dog friendly apartment back home and into a place that was more suitable for a furry companion. Before we knew it, Vanity was flown out to me. She had a new home, and I had a new love. It was an incredible experience and I'm so grateful to Angela and The Sato Project for bringing us together.

Vanity was a special dog, an old soul who could sway anyone to the way of the Pitbull. I was lucky enough to have her join me at work most days. Her love for cuddles and greeting everyone she met was undeniable. From the moment I rescued her, she was the driving force that pushed me to do more, to give back and help as much as I could. Through the hard times, she was my saving grace - I owe her so much.

Vanity was a remarkable dog, a true old soul who had a knack for stealing hearts and convincing even the biggest skeptics of the wonderfulness of the Pitbull breed. I was incredibly lucky to have her join me at work most days, where her never-ending enthusiasm for cuddles and friendly greetings was a sight to behold. From the moment I adopted her, she changed my life; her love and devotion were a constant source of inspiration, encouraging me to do more, give back, and help out in any way that I could. Even in the toughest of times, she was my saving grace - I owe her an immense debt of gratitude and love that I could never truly repay.

In a step towards honoring her, she was the first sock design I decided to make. Though she is no longer with us physically, her spirit and soul will always be with me. Her memory, her influence, and her impact will continue to live on through the socks I created in her honor. I'm sure she is looking down from above, proud of the work I'm doing and the difference I'm making in her name.

Why the donuts? Well, I had a long-standing affinity for donuts while I had Vanity. I was known for donuts, and for dogs. I even created a company for a split second dedicated to making unique dog donuts! Vanity and dogs loved them. Since donuts have a universal appeal, it seemed like the perfect way to commemorate the special pup in my life. Plus, it was a fun way to bring a bit of sweetness to her memorial. [pun intended. Don't roll your eyes too hard ;) ]