Donation Spotlight - Angela Adan

Donation Highlight: Anglea Adan

Angela Adan has devoted her entire life caring for the underdog. She currently lives with several dogs who rely on her for just about everything. Not only are they all differently-abled they all come with special medical needs. Some of her dogs are paralyzed and use wheelchairs to get around, some are seniors and some have no teeth. She looks after and cares for each and every one of them plus fosters many more all on her own.

So far, Adan has saved and adopted out hundreds of dogs. It’s an arduous task regardless, but it’s made all the more difficult considering many of the four-leggeds she takes have medical problems and/or behavioral issues.

Check out some of her doggos below:

Our Spotlight Doggo - Lady Bug

Turbo Ferris

Freddie Mercury

Adan’s goal for Lady Bug was to find her a forever home and she has! Proceeds from each of our current stickers go to helping get her across the country to her furever home.

Angela's overall goal right now is to raise enough funds to take care of her current pack and purchase property on which to establish a permanent sanctuary to rescue and save even more.

To learn more about Angela, or to make a donation, visit her instagram page.

Or can you help Ladybug on her journey to her furever home!?
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Read more about Angela here to see what shes does daily.