Custom Orders

A custom image goes great for a variety of things your soul desires. Personalized gifts, commemorative moments or pets, themed parties or charity events, and branded merchandise! The options are endless. It is timeless and personal.

What you get:

Each custom request is purchasing the image. You will get a copy of the image as your purchase cost, then any items you decide to print it on as well. Material costs do apply.
The average customer purchases a package between $95-125 on their custom image design and printed goods.

All items images can be printed on:

  • Cards, recycled paper or seeded plantable card options!
  • Stickers
  • Print out (to be Frame or Matted)
  • Cotton T-shirt
  • Sweatshirt
  • Cotton Tote
  • Magnet
  • Mugs
Charges apply per item material cost


An artists time is worth every penny. Remember each image supports the time and effort behind the drawing and that artist. So they, I in this case, can keep creating.
Requesting a Quote:
Designs will vary and so will cost, please submit a quote request with a photo, basic description of your idea and any items you may want to print on. I will get back to you in 1-3 business days with a quote.

Image Price Estimates:

Moderate Design $75-$125
These portraits take anywhere from 4-8 hours of work so vary depending on complexity of the design. This choice is for a custom design that stays basic in concept but may have complex coloring or moderately complex texture.

This includes:
  • Digital image
  • 1 pre sketch approval and adjustment, if needed
  • 1 re-design after production to make minor changes and amendments. 

Charges per printed item after that vary upon item printed upon, size and quantity.


Custom Pet Portrait | Lady Bug | Custom Pet Art | Soul FeatCustom Pet Portrait | Girly Dog | Austin Pets Alive | Soul FeatCustom Pet Portraits | Custom Artwork | Horse / Pony Oreo | Soul Feat


Complex or creative design are ~$125+ per design.

These projects take around 8hrs of creation or more. These are quoted depending on time and complexity, back grounds, or multiple images combined.
This includes:
  • Digital Image
  • 2 pre sketch approvals, if needed
  • 2 re-design after production to make minor changes and amendments. 
    Girly | Custom Pet Portrait Complex | Austin Pets Alive Foster DogCustom Logo Art | Custom Artwork | Soul Feat


    Any digital images requesting to be changed, updated, or upgraded beyond the re-designs already included in the initial design sessions are available. Items can also be added on afterward or at a later time for minor upgrade charges.
    Minor Updates or additions: $15-$20
    Digital Image Upgrade = $25-$50
    Printed Items:
    • Cards, recycled paper +$2 per card
    • Seeded plantable card options! + $4 per card
    • Stickers - Packs of 8 +$4, per pack
    • Print out (to be Frame or Matted) Starting at +$20 depending no size, per print
    • Cotton T-shirt + $20 per shirt
    • Sweatshirt - Starting at +$25 per sweatshirt
    • Cotton Tote - Starting at +$25 per tote
    • Magnet - Pack of 10, +$35
    • Mugs + $15 per mug


    Feel free to ask any questions for clarification or a quote request.
    Include description or idea of custom image and timeline along with a photo or two.
    Quote responses in 2-3 Business Days

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