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Zani About You Pet Bundle

Zani About You Pet Bundle

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Embark on a journey of style, convenience, and treats with our exclusive Zani Bundles. Each bundle has been carefully curated to celebrate your pet's unique personality while ensuring you’re equipped for every walk, adventure, and snuggle session. Choose from three specially designed packages, each featuring top-quality products from Major Darling and delightful treats from Wild Wolfe Pack Treats, to fit your and your furry friend’s lifestyle.

Bundle 1: The Essential Walk Kit

For those who cherish simplicity and functionality, Bundle 1 offers the perfect starting point:

  • Major Darling Collar and Leash: Begin with the basics; a durable and stylish collar and leash set from Major Darling, designed to keep your pet secure and looking sharp.
  • Pet Bandana: Add a dash of personality with our chic pet bandana, perfect for any occasion. Slip On Bandana only.
  • Hands-Free Poop Bag Pouch: Complete your kit with the convenience of our hands-free poop bag pouch, ensuring you’re always prepared for whatever the walk throws your way.

Bundle 2: The Gourmet Explorer

Elevate your adventures with Bundle 2, adding gourmet treats to the essentials:

  • Major Darling Collar and Leash: A premium foundation for any outing.
  • Pet Bandana: For that extra flair and comfort. Slip On Bandana only.
  • Hands-Free Poop Bag Pouch: For seamless clean-ups on the go.
  • Wild Wolfe Pack Treats: Reward your furry explorer with gourmet treats from Wild Wolfe Pack, guaranteed to keep tails wagging.

Bundle 3: The Ultimate Pampering Package

For the pet parent who wants it all, Bundle 3 delivers an unmatched combination of style, functionality, and treats:

  • Major Darling Collar and Leash: The ultimate in pet fashion and function.
  • Pet Bandana: A statement piece for your pet’s wardrobe. Slip On Bandana only.
  • Hands-Free Poop Bag Pouch: For hassle-free walks.
  • Hand Purse with Poop Bag: Carry your essentials in style, with a designated spot for poop bags.
  • Pop-Up Bag for Treats or Pens: The perfect addition for treats on the go or keeping your pens handy.

    Size Guide:

    • XXS: Best for cats or teacup dogs >10lbs
    • XS: Ideal for most puppies or small dogs 10-40ish lbs
    • S: Suitable for medium-sized dogs 40-60ish lbs
    • M: Perfect for large dogs 60-80 lbs
    • L: Tailored for extra-large dogs 60+ lbs, including extra floofy or fluffy friends.
    • XL: Tailored for extra-large dogs 90+ lbs, including extra floofy or fluffy friends.

      *Zani is pictured wearing one of our Larges!
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