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Pawstin Pet Bandana

Pawstin Pet Bandana

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Step into Austin style with the Pawstin Pet Bandana, a true reflection of ATX life crafted for the chic Austinite pet. Each bandana boasts exclusive, hand-drawn designs made just for our local shop, setting your furry companion apart with its distinct look. Made from 100% eco-friendly cotton, it combines sustainability with the vibrant spirit of Austin. Designed for versatility, it easily slips onto any collar style, including buckle collars and snap-on martingale collars or harnesses, making it a staple for any Austin adventure. It's also machine washable, ensuring it stays fresh and bright. Embrace the Austin vibe with Pawstin—where pet fashion is both unique and practical.


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Slip On: Seamlessly slip onto collars, allowing easy opening and placement on your pet's neck.
Snap On: Equipped with snaps, perfect for martingale collars or harnesses.

Size Guide:

XS: Best for cats or teacup dogs >10lbs
S: Ideal for most puppies or small dogs 10-20ish lbs
M: Suitable for medium-sized dogs 40-60ish lbs
L: Perfect for large dogs 60-80 lbs
XL: Tailored for extra-large dogs 60+ lbs, including extra floofy or fluffy friends.

Why You'll Love It:

🌟 Fashion-Forward Design: Stand out with this trendy, pawty-inspired print—no ordinary fabrics here!

🌿 Eco-Friendly: Crafted with sustainable materials and locally printed in Texas, showing our commitment to pet comfort and environmental responsibility.

🎉 Mix and Match Versatility: Whether worn solo or paired with other accessories, this bandana is the ultimate statement piece for your stylish pet.

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