Zani: A Pawsitively Perfect Companion Looking for a Furever Hooman!

Zani: A Pawsitively Perfect Companion Looking for a Furever Hooman!

Meet Zani, the paw-dorable pup who entered the luling animal welfare socity's lives on 5/12/23 as a stray. Despite having a microchip with an owner's name, the shelter's search led them on a winding journey with dead ends and unexpected twists. Tracked back to the AAC, they discovered more info and even talked to an ex-boyfriend who last saw Zani 5 years ago. Unfortunately, the original owner remains elusive.
Adoptable Zani laying on her Custom Pet Portrait blanket complete with cute pink back ground, hearts and flowers.

Zani is:
✅ House trained🏡
✅ crate trained
✅ leash pro
✅ treat motivated
✅ very smart
✅ very chill
✅ loves her hoomans

Zani is estimated to be around 7.5 years old, but age is just a number when it comes to this lovable pooch. During a 2-week foster stay in August, she was discovered to be house trained, crate trained, and a perfect free-roam companion—non-destructive and full of love. She's a pro on the leash, though a little overly enthusiastic if feline friends cross her path.

Zani is a solo act; she prefers to be the only fur-iend in the house. But let us assure you, she's a favorite among staff and volunteers. Why, you ask? Because Zani is a bundle of joy! She loves hoomans, and her excitement to see her hooman friends is contagious. Treat-motivated and smart, Zani is the perfect companion for those seeking a loving, easy-going pup.

Help us find Zani her furever hooman! Share her story, spread the love, and let's make sure Zani's tale has a happy tail ending. 🐾💕

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